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Bright Future Studio is a boutique creative services agency helping Canadian companies, NGOs, associations, and governments increase awareness and support for climate-positive policies, technologies, services, and strategies. We create award-winning brands, identities, productions, campaigns, and resources that help reduce emissions, transform markets, and strengthen communities.

It can be difficult to see the potential right in front of us. Our team brings a fresh lens to complex challenges. We illuminate possibility, transfer knowledge, and open up space for productive conversations with stakeholders.

We know that a bright future is possible.

We use whimsical, inventive, and offbeat approaches to inform, activate, and delight audiences. We meet people where they are, and help them see the future as a place they want to be. We spotlight the opportunities of bold action for everyone.

Featured work

Our latest work in branding, campaign development, strategy, and knowledge mobilization.

Vienna House (2021)

In 2021, we launched the Vienna House knowledge mobilization project for SCIUS Advisory on behalf of BC Housing. Vienna House is a proposed East Vancouver housing community that seeks to advance innovative solutions to affordability, climate change, and social equity. Our work helps ensure that all parties that might benefit from the lessons of Vienna House are aware of the project and its goals, and have ready access to plain-language information on the ideas, technologies, tools, and approaches it is putting into practice. We developed a standalone brand, and a microsite to share project updates with industry, videos, photo essays, and more. Learn more:

The Climate Friendly Home

We developed this brand and associated campaign for a local-government client seeking to increase community awareness of the climate and health risks of fossil fuel-based residential heating, hot water, and cooking appliances – and the availability of zero-emissions electric alternatives. We created a cheeky mascot character with a signature look and feel, and brought it to life via a series of motion graphic videos. An associated outreach and communications strategy provided guidance on messaging and recommended target audiences, channels, and future opportunities to extend the brand.

Switch It Up BC

We accessed foundation funding and contracted with trusted partners to develop and launch this original residential electrification campaign that invites homeowners to “pledge” to convert their household heating, hot water, and cooking from natural gas fuel to clean electricity. The project scope included a website on the NationBuilder platform, short snappy videos, out of home advertising on transit and radio, and creative collateral pieces such as a “furnace reminder sticker.” This campaign has logged more than one million impressions in the marketplace to date, and earned multiple awards for communications design. Learn more:

BC Energy Step Code

We collaborated with a diverse group of stakeholders to develop a branded identity and associated outreach strategy and resources for this, North America’s first regulated pathway to reaching net-zero-ready new construction. The work included developing a robust brand and producing associated explainer diagrams, presentation templates, and video. We wanted to ensure that local governments and builders and developers, among others, had access to clear, accurate, and timely information about the new policy tool.

Talking Transition: Shaping Canada’s Clean Power Pathways

The report offered insights for policymakers as they considered investments in the low-carbon infrastructure needed for decarbonization, electrification, and a green pandemic recovery. It captured and compiled the perspectives of an array of energy stakeholders and experts, as well as the views of Canadians as captured by engagement exercises, polls, and focus groups, on how to reach net zero by 2050 or sooner. We authored and designed this report for the David Suzuki Foundation.

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